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Crystals: Powers of Nature for Your Body & Soul

One of the most popular ways in the metaphysical community to heal and soothe the body, mind and spirit is crystal energy.

A common, well-known concept, especially in both quantum physics and the metaphysical community, is that we are all energy. We each operate at a particular frequency, and so does everything else in the universe. You know how someone will say “That place or person has good/bad vibes?” It simply means that person is sending out energy that is either helpful or harmful, and they are holding those helpful or harmful energies in both their aetheric and physical bodies.

It is this concept on which crystal healing is based. Each stone or crystal used for healing the mind, body and spirit, as well as healing manifested issues such as money troubles, relationship problems and so on, often has a specific association that’s been recognised over many years by many healers.

Basic Crystal Healing: The Chakras

One of the most basic forms of crystal healing is healing the chakras, our seven main energy centers that rule various parts of the body and any challenges we have, skills we possess and so on. When healing the chakras with stones and crystals, we’re helping each and any imbalanced chakras come back into balance so those parts of the body—and our lives—end up manifesting as balanced as well. Here is a list of the chakras and the crystals that assist with healing and balancing them:

Root (1st): This is at the base of the spine. Rules groundedness, money & survival issues, feelings of being at home in one’s body and on Earth, or when imbalanced, the exact opposite feelings manifest. Common crystals/stones that balance: Garnet, black onyx, obsidian, red jasper, hematite.

Sacral (2nd): Located just a bit below the belly button. Rules sexuality, creativity, overall self-worth. Stones/crystals to balance and heal: Carnelian, smoky quartz.

Solar Plexus (3rd): Located just under the rib-cage area. Rules self-confidence, personal will, control issues, self-esteem. Stones/crystals to balance and heal: yellow topaz, sunstone, yellow tiger eye, lemon quartz, citrine.

Heart (4th): Located in the center of the heart area, to the right of the actual physical heart. Rules emotions, love (romantic and otherwise) compassion for others, empathy, etc. Stones/crystals to balance and heal: emerald, green aventurine, pink tourmaline, rose quartz.

Throat (5th): Located just above the collar bone and extending energetically into the soft (upper) palate. Rules speaking, singing, speaking one’s truth, overall communication with the written or spoken/sung word. Stones/crystals to balance and heal: turquoise, blue topaz, blue aventurine, aquamarine.

Third-eye (6th): Located just above the eyes, in between the eyebrows. Rules psychic vision, clairvoyance, dreams (both good and bad), etc. Stones/crystals for balancing and healing: Lapis lazuli, sodalite, amethyst.

Crown (7th): Located directly on top of the head. Rules one’s connection to God/Higher Self/Heaven and aetheric realms; connection to other higher forms of intelligence. Stones/crystals to balance and heal: clear quartz crystal, blue kyanite, amethyst.

The stones mentioned in this list are common suggestions, but you or the healer from whom you’ve sought help can use your intuition(s) to feel what will work best. Quite commonly, many people will have multiple issues with multiple chakras and so many stones and crystals will thus be used in conjunction with one another.


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