Shopping Online

How to Shop Online

Welcome to Zen Spiritual Shop Online. Shopping is easy, convenient and secure. Simply select the product you want to purchase and follow the instructions below:

Step One: Finding an item and adding to your shopping bag
– Find the item you wish to buy and going through the category pages.
– Once you’ve found the product you want, select and then click “add to bag”.
– To place the item in your bag. • You will be able to increase or decrease the quantity in your shopping bag.

Step Two: The shopping bag
When you’ve finished shopping, click the shopping bag icon found on each page. The shopping bag is where you check if the products in your bag are correct, and have the option to change the quantities you’re ordering. To continue to purchase, click the checkout button.

Step Three: Order details
The next page will ask you to sign in, or register (if you have not already done so), and then provide billing and delivery address details. If you have already saved these in your Account Profile you won’t have to fill them out again. Here you will also be asked to choose  delivery options, and have the option to gift-wrap your order.

Step Four: Confirmation
Once you’ve confirmed your order you will see a confirmation page that gives you your unique reference number and the total sum deducted from your credit or debit card account. You can print this page for your reference, or alternatively wait until you receive this information in an order confirmation email. The email will show all details of items purchased, delivery addresses, delivery options , which you can keep for your records. If you have any questions, please call Customer Services on- Online Chat  or  +44 (0) 1753267300

View Bag

Click on the shopping bag icon to display your shopping bag with the list of the items selected for purchase, the selected quantities of each, and the total cost of the purchase. You may remove items or change the quantities ordered in this are

Deleting Items from your Shopping Bag

If you wish to delete an item in your Shopping Bag, simply go to “View Bag” and select the “Remove” . The item will be removed from your shopping bag.