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As much as I hate cleaning floors I still find myself doing it because it is an inevitable chore. The main reason I hate this chore is because of the time and effort it demands. Although some floors e.g. tiles are easy to maintain while others aren’t; yet, the easiest floor still need to be maintained. How then can our floor be washed? How can you get rid of tough stains absorbed by your floor? Floor wash is a natural cleansing agent that has been used for centuries. It has a balanced pH and is safe to use on any type of floor. Floor wash is an ancient cleansing blend designed to cleanse homes, draw good energy, eliminate bad energy, discharge negativity and at the same time bring good luck, prosperity, and abundance into a home. It is the perfect remedy for those who have been struggling with bad luck, witchcraft, and negativity. With some delicate scent which combines the element of religious, African, European, and Native American magic, floor wash has the power to attract your family at home.

No Harsh Chemical – 100% Natural

This cleansing blend is made from herbs, oils, and ancient wisdom (completely natural). Harsh detergents and chemicals are strangers in the ingredients used in manufacturing floor wash. By using it to wash the floor of your home and sprinkling a little on your fabrics, closets, and walls, you bring in good luck and positive energy into your home.

Magical Fragrance Will Help You Eliminate Negative Energy

What does it smell like? The natural ingredients used give the whole house a clean and fresh scent. This magical fragrance of floor wash eliminates frustration, negative energy, and bad air, leaving good energy, clean and fresher air behind.

How to Use

When using floor wash, start from the back of the space, continue to the rooms and kitchen, and then stop at the front doorstep so that you can dispose the left-over into the front yard. Your doorsteps, closets, and corners of the rooms are important places to wash as well. Spray a little on the furniture and walls.

This magical product can also be used in your workplace. Use a cup of this cleanser on your desk and surroundings. Sprinkle some on the rug and you will see how it will blot out all negativity and bring good energy and positive vibes to your office while leaving a pleasant scent.


  • distilled water
  • citric acid
  • essential oils
  • ammonium lauryl sulfate
  • aloe vera
  • coconut oil
  • argan oil
  • ammonium laureth sulfate
  • lauryl glucoside
  • lauramide DEA
  • ammonium xylene sulfonate
  • sodium chloride
  • germaben iiE
  • avocado oil
  • fragrance

Where to Buy

If you are looking for where to buy floor wash, visit Zen Spiritual.

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If you want to create a healthy environment for your home or office, why not go for natural solutions such as aromatherapy instead of using chemical products that are detrimental to your health. Aromatic therapy or aromatherapy offers several health benefits. For instance, incense sticks are formed when dried leaves (from aromatic plants) are mixed with essential oils, gums, woods, and resins. When burned, this incense releases a fragrance that offers many physical and psychological benefits. They are widely used in aromatic therapies to as they remove bad odor and introduce good energy. More so, burning incense can be used for creating spiritual ambiance and meditational purposes.

No one wants his/her house to produce bad odor after hectic household chores. Wouldn’t it make sense if you introduce something that will generate more pleasant fragrance that is beneficial to your health?



  1. Flaming incense creates a soothing atmosphere that will help you to unwind after a stressful day at work. These aromas are highly effective because of the calming effect on your nerves.
  2. Aromatherapy incense sticks produces a pleasing scent that is believed to aid your mind and connect with an optimistic belief. By burning incense, you create an aromatic ambiance which makes your sense organs more receptive.
  3. It is a pure and natural product that can be used for preventing and treating chronic illness.
  4. The burning of incense can help to reduce negative energy and introduce good energy.
  5. Many believe that this aromatic therapy can create good vibes and also stimulate one’s spiritual abilities.


Having this knowledge at heart, you need to learn how to choose the fragrance that is appealing to you. We all have different preferences when it comes to aromatic taste so finding the right one for you should be the first thing to consider. There are many different recipes that can be combined and you should learn possible combinations if you are to get the best result. In this context, I will highlight four possible combinations, try it out and select your choice.

  1. The Vanilla Fragrance: This sort of fragrance is highly recommended for those who seek to enhance their spirit. It provides good energy and improves emotional stimulation.
  2. The Fruity Fragrance: This scent is recommended for those who are looking to enhance their mood.
  3. The Woody Fragrance: Woods such as Aloeswood and Sandalwood have meditative properties that can help one in need of deep meditation.
  4. The Citrus Fragrance: Orange, bergamot, and apple are used in making this type of incense – it is recommended for those who look to refresh their minds.

Burning incense can be the difference between a successful and an unproductive meditation. Why not try these meditative products other than suffering from chemical-made products? Creating an environment with the fragrances from burning incense will help calm your nerve and keep you refreshed.

I hope these tips were helpful. If you are looking for where to buy aromatherapy incense, visit Zen Spiritual

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Warmer weather? Nothing better for a meditation outside


There is nothing more cozy and enthusiastic than the warm weather and peaceful sound of nature. Such natural feeling cannot be compared to an impressive or elegant home. The pride of nature cannot easily be overwhelmed by the creation of man and this has contributed to its success in meditation. Though indoor meditation has proven to be a success; however, many experts have confirmed in their studies that a connection with nature (no matter how long or short) influences calm minds, refresh mood, and peaceful thoughts. In this context, you will learn how to benefit from outdoor meditation.


Meditation Gardens

A meditation garden is where you relax and absorb good energy by focusing on a particular image or object. This garden doesn’t have to be complex; a simple design and an organized structure are all you need. The most important thing is to create an area that is built with the aim of providing relaxation. Many backyard structures and garden support skylights to let the sun shine and create a warm weather. Indeed, nature is calming and gardeners know this. Studies have shown that meditating outdoor in gardens has proven to reduce stress and negative thoughts. When you start meditating in this environment, ensure that you take note of what you are thinking about, and keep focusing your mind until you have achieved for that session.


Get Your Breathing Right

When meditating outdoor, take 5 seconds to inhale deeply through your nose and then the next 5 seconds to exhale deeply through your mouth. Use each exhale to bury all your negative thoughts and breathe in fresh air to keep you refreshed.


Water is soothing

Unknown to most people, the sounds you hear contributes to your stress levels. Terrible sounds from machines, car horns, and sirens can cause anxiety and panic attacks. Alternatively, the gentle sound provided by water creates a connection that can erase your stress, promote relaxation, and enhance meditation. It could be as simple as tabletop fountain or the waving sound of gentle rain outdoor. Whatever natural water feature you can provide within your home or neighbourhood, make sure you use it to your own meditative advantage.


Outdoor Music

Regardless of the time and place, listening to music can help you relax. However, listening to meditative music in a quiet environment will produce a greater result. All you have to do is go outside to a quiet location (like your garden or backyard space) and focus on your worries while listening to inspirational tunes. In a few minutes, you will refresh your mood by letting out negative thoughts and energy.



Beginners are expected to start with 5 or 10 minutes, and as time goes by and your confident increase you begin to meditate for longer periods.

For those who don’t have larger spaces outdoor, you can bring the outdoors inside. Do this by placing colorful flowers, bonsai trees, and beautiful potted plants into your home. You can still achieve that outdoor connection indoor.

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We are made to understand that aromatherapy has been a proven method of caring for the body, mind, and soul. Many people go through a lot of stress on a consistent basis. For these people, aromatherapy can be a great way to create the comfortable environment they need to get back up. Aromatherapy uses oil to promote the overall wellbeing of the body. It developed from the ancient practice of using different scents of natural plants to promote human health and well being as well. These oils can heal the body by fortifying it and giving it the nutrients required to replenish and enhance the immune system that helps relieve stress, combat disease, and regenerates the system.


As you inhale certain scents of aromatherapy scent, your hypothalamus gets stimulated. Aromatherapy triggers certain biochemical responses in the brain that activates a certain function of the mind and body. Upon stimulation, the hypothalamus transports the scent into the hippocampus (essential for brain memory) through your limbic system. Certain scents are associated with a specific memory which energizes and regulates basic bodily functions such as sleep and emotional responses.


Aromatherapy can be used on a regular basis by everybody to induce relaxation, prevent anxiety, and relieve stress.

Exploring the option of aromatherapy should be considered by those:

  • suffering from joint or muscle pain
  • having skin concerns such as acne or cellulite
  • regularly having trouble sleeping
  • suffering from menopausal symptoms or PMS
  • experiencing anxiety, stress or depression



  1. Aromatherapy Will Improve Your Skin

Studies have shown that aromatherapy aids several skin conditions. Those suffering from dry skin and flaky complexion, aromatherapy can help you maintain a youthful skin. Eczema and psoriasis are other serious skin conditions that can be aided too.

  1. Aromatherapy Will Improve Your Mood

Rosemary is an essential oil that has been proven to boost the mood. This essential oil helps in uplifting one’s mood and also regulates the production of a stress hormone called cortisol. Just like meditation, aromatherapy is an effective healing therapy that can ease the body and relieve any discomfort (such as pains and headaches) from your body. Rosemary in aromatherapy provides a positive benefit in overall mood and performance.

  1. Aromatherapy Can Reduce PMS Symptoms

PMS is associated with women; it is something that most women struggle with on a monthly basis. PMS symptoms can often lead to a series of physical and emotional problems. Women struggling with this symptom get a massage with essential oils or take an aromatic bath to reduce symptoms like mood swings, bloating, depression, and irritability.


With its increasing popularity today, there is no shortage of places to find aromatherapy supplies. You can grab as many as you need at Zen Spiritual.



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