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Gemstones are rare, beautiful and durable crystalline rock that can be cut and polished for jewelry. They are quite expensive and extremely valuable in the market. Their scarcity makes them found only in certain parts of the world. The durability of gemstones makes them attractive and difficult to scratch. Gemstones can be natural or synthetic. A natural gemstone is a gift from nature while the synthetic is manmade or artificial – one that’s made in the laboratory. Sapphires and Rubies, however, can be created in the laboratory or mined naturally.

Most people believe that gemstones can bring good luck. Diamond is a common example of gemstones that add sophistication to people’s looks. The color is attractive and appears beautiful on any apparel. It is known as the hardest of all gemstones. Although it is not scientifically proven, experts believe that diamonds have many additional value effects on human lives.

Some believe it can heal diseases while others take it as a fashionable item. The Persians think that diamond brings sins to their lives while people from Europe believe that diamonds can attract radiant light to their lives. In other parts of the world, it is believed to cure various ailments. Some belief in all these while others don’t; it depends on you to decide its positive effects from your own point of view.

Regardless of individual beliefs, gemstones offer the following benefits.

  • They have therapeutic properties

Bloodstone is known to protect one from danger and also help one to stay calm in stressful situations.

Garnet stone represents friendship. Experts believe that it helps to ward off anger and bad energy. It can bring out the best in a person and also attract people to them. Garnet is also known to cure depression.

Sapphire is known to cure depression and predict the future.

Citrine, also known as “the stone of prosperity”, will attract success and also help you to maintain it. People believe that Citrine helps to bring happiness and excitement in their life. Citrine was also believed to help the heart and other internal organs.

Emerald was thought to enhance love and contentment.

Aquamarine is believed to improve learning. It can help you to study faster and remember any subject longer.

Ruby was thought to grant spiritual enlightenment to the wearer.

Gemstones are perfect gift items

They are used in making rings and jewelry that perfect for special occasions.

They offer exceptional value for money

When buying gemstones, it is important that you visit stores or dealers that offer only quality gemstones. These stones are extremely valuable so the last thing you’d want is to buy a fake.

Zen Spiritual is a reputable online store that specializes in quality gemstones. Many people go for extravagant gemstones to look gorgeous and unique. You can select quality stones that will be adored by any eye gazing. Various shapes, sizes, and colors are available in it. From rings, necklaces to extravagant bracelets, Zen Spiritual offers all.

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The sympathetic nervous system helps us to perform faster, higher, and longer. When the body is suffering from anxiety or subjected to stress, the sympathetic nervous system becomes weak. Breathing exercises can help you deal with such short-term emergencies. They are a good way to start your day; they are not difficult to learn and can be effective in managing anxiety and chronic stress. It can also be used to relax and bring balance to the mind and body.


Tips for Breathing Exercises

Deep Breathing

There are various exercises that you can do to get away with stress and panic attacks. One of the deep breathing exercises Deep breathing is the best technique for reducing stress and anxiety. Deep breathing can be practiced while sitting in a chair completely straight with your back on the back on your floor or bed. You need to take a slow, deep breath for about 5 seconds. Then hold the breath in for just a few seconds, and again breathe out through the mouth. The exercise should be repeated about 10 times. This method of breathing is important to keep the body calm and to make sure it experiences a soothing effect.


Alternate Nostril Breathing- ANB

Also known as Anuloma Viloma, alternate nostril breathing is a yogic breathing exercise. It is usually practiced in the ratio of 1:4:2. This means for every count of breath you inhale, you retain your breath for four times as long and exhale for twice as long – for example, when you close your left nostril with your thumb, breath in through your right nostril for a count of two, then close both nostrils and retain the breath for a count of 8, finally exhale for a count of 4. ANB helps to balance the autonomic nervous system, improve concentration on a subject or object, and it also balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain.


The Calming Breathe

The calming breath exercise is another effective exercise for meditation and reversing stress and anxiety. This breathing exercise is applied when one is under intense pressure, usually before a presentation. It helps to take off anything bordering you face the crowd. The calming breathe turns off the sympathetic nervous system and brings calmness, serenity, and peace from within.



Controlled Tempo Breathing- CTP

CTP You can be practiced either sitting down or lying down. Just make sure you close your eyes and breathe according to the number of beats (your choice) per exhalation. That is, for every 4 beats, inhale 4 counts and then hold for 4 counts and exhale for 4 counts. Do this for several minutes consistently. Most professionals follow up this breathing exercise with a deeper meditation.

Bellows Breathing – Bhrastika

Bellows breathing helps relieve fatigue and renews energy. It is as simple as practicing short and rapid rhythmic breaths through your nose, repeatedly. When it is regularly practiced, it can re-energize the body and improve your energy throughout the day.

Being consistent with these breathing exercises is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Regular practice also increases your strength and endurance. If you have any questions, kindly visit Zen Spiritual.


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Natural Soap

Natural soaps are made with natural ingredients that keep your skin healthy. They are not only beneficial for our body but for the environment as well. Today, most skin care products are made of harsh chemicals such as petrochemicals, sodium lauryl, propylene glycol, etc. These chemicals are harmful to your skin and can cause several skin diseases such as irritation, flaky skin, dryness and even skin burns in extreme cases. Harsh chemicals and toxins from detergents also end up as pollutants in our environment as they wash down your drain. However, handmade soaps do not contain harsh chemicals. Instead, they contain natural oils that nourish and soothe your skin. Unlike commercial soaps that contribute to dryness and itchiness, handmade soaps make your skin smoother and softer. More so, natural handmade soaps do not contain synthetic dyes, fragrances, and preservatives –their color and scent come from natural ingredients.

There are many benefits of choosing natural, organic, handmade soap as a better alternative.

Younger Skin

Using natural handmade soaps can help your skin look younger. The skin is not designed to absorb harsh chemical that can be found in detergents and commercial soaps. However, the ingredients found in natural soaps can be easily absorbed by the body. It smoothes, glows and revive your skin, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Healthy Skin

Natural hand and body wash soaps are rich in minerals, vitamins, and proteins that soothe, nourish and improve your skin appearance.


It is true that you get what you pay for but this isn’t applicable to organic soaps. Natural ingredients are easy to get because of their abundance in nature, making these soaps inexpensive. Unlike chemicals which are expensive due to their formulation.

Prevents Dry and Itchy Skin

Detergents and commercial soaps are known to contain chemicals that can leave the skin feeling dry and itchy. Usually, commercial soap manufacturers remove the glycerine to make a harder bar of soap. But, glycerine has moisturizing properties that help to prevent skin dryness and irritation.

Healthy Environment

Esthers and low-grade ingredients used for commercial soaps contain triclosan (cancer-causing agent) that have a negative impact on the environment. Natural soaps contribute to the protection of the environment since their ingredients are not toxic in nature. A healthy environment is one with reduced toxins, making it more suitable and sustainable for life.

These are just a few of the benefits of using homemade soap. It is not too late to start enjoying the benefits of natural handmade soaps. Long-term use of synthetic soaps will force your body to store them and you can imagine the level of damage it can cause your skin. If you are interested in natural hand and body wash soaps, you can buy them in any form, including bar, liquid, foam, etc. from Zen Spiritual.

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Exercising at home is one sure way of improving your health. Along with a healthy eating diet and nutrition, home exercises can help burn calories faster and increase your metabolism. An effective home exercise program should consist of both weightlifting and cardiovascular exercises. Ordinarily, your home exercises should include all muscle groups. We will discuss the benefits of exercising at home but first let us briefly explore six different home exercise tips that will ensure quality health for you.

Wall Sits

This simple home exercise is designed to strengthen your legs and behind. It is as easy as sitting correctly in a chair against the wall. When doing this, your knees have to be at a right angle (90o) while keeping your arms against the wall to increase efficiency.


Walking may sound funny but it is one of the most effective exercises one can perform either indoor or outdoor. This cardiovascular exercise can help you burn off excess fatting acids residing inside your body. For record sake, set a timer to know how many minutes you used. Begin with a reference point (e.g. your bedroom or sitting room) and walk down to other rooms to avoid boredom. Walking up and down the stairs can be very effective as well, try it!


Push-up is probably the commonest forms of home exercise. This program helps to improve your arms, backs, and chest. Newbie are advised to start small, say fifteen per day. With time, you gain muscle mass and increase your push daily.

Weight Lifting

When weight lifting is mentioned, a lot of individuals take their minds to the gym. No! Weightlifting can be done in your various homes. Regardless of the size of the weightlifting tool available, make the best of it by incorporating it into your daily exercise plan.


You are missing a whole lot if you have not taken a yoga class before. Yoga helps to improve flexibility and posture. It also helps to tone and strengthen your muscles, making it healthy at all time.

Other forms of home exercises include:

  • Biking/cycling (abs)
  • Ball crunch (abs)
  • Skipping rope (hamstrings, muscles)
  • Deadlifts (Glutes, back, hamstrings)
  • Squats (Glutes, quads, hamstrings)
  • Bench press (Chest)
  • Kickbacks (Triceps)

Why You Need to Exercise at Home

It’s free. All you have to do is invest once in home exercise equipment. You no longer need to pay for gym classes anymore.

In addition, exercising at home is very convenient and safe. You don’t need to border how you will get to the gym because you have successfully brought the gym home.

You can customize your space to suit your specific interest. Your exercise atmosphere can determine the effect of any exercise. Whether it is your living room, bedroom, basement or garden, you can personalize your exercise space to suit your taste. This can be done by fixing lights, setting a sound system for listening to your favorite playlist or even tweaking the layout of your exercise room.

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The purpose of meditation will determine the method of meditation used. Overall, meditation brings about mental clarity and relaxation. It also improves the health of individuals who have issues with depression, stress, anxiety, and high blood pressure. While traditional meditation such as Buddhism is used as a way to train the mind and body, and also reduce negative energy. All the same regardless of the method of meditation practice, the main aim is relaxation. Having clarified that, let us consider the most common methods of meditation.

Object Meditation

As the name implies, this method of meditation involves one to focus on a particular object (most often, still objects). It is believed that when you focus or concentrate on an object, you clear your mind and body. When practicing this kind of meditation, make sure you breathe deeply in and out a few times to clear every negative thought in your mind. If you’ve not tried this before, I urge you to give it a try today!

Deep Breathing

I call this simple but effective! Deep breathing is one of the best ways of meditating. To begin with, sit comfortably on a chair, floor or bed but make sure your spine is erect. Focus on your breath; do it slowly and deeply in and out. Listen to your breath, concentrate on your worries, exhale and inhale at different intervals. After a few minutes, draw breath at a deeper level. If you can master this kind of meditation, you can train your mind and focus your energy on good deeds such as love, kindness, gentleness, forgiveness, etc.


Buddhism meditation is one of the oldest and commonest forms of meditation. It is also known as yoga. Don’t get it twisted, Buddhism is not meant for the Chinese, monks or people from the Asian religions alone. It can be practiced by anyone who has interest in it. This Zen practice has always proved pivotal in enhancing relaxation and improving lives.

Walking Meditation

Unlike other abstract forms of meditation, walking is more practical (physical). Unknown to many individuals, this common exercise can help to meditate if directed towards the cause. While walking, a lot of things take place; it is left for you to channel those thoughts and sensations through your mind and body in order to achieve.

Prayer Meditation

Regardless of your religion, prayer is a form of meditation. Confessing of sins brings about cleansing and purification of the heart, keeping the mind free from guilt and fear. Prayer meditation is often accidental because only a few understand the power of prayer. Prayer enhances creativity, it connects us to a supreme being, it aids spiritual balance and improves our emotional wellbeing. Some Christians testify about the peace of mind they experience when praying. To increase the effect of prayer meditation, it is best to practice it alone.

Whatever your preferred method of meditation is, make sure it is aimed at providing the best results which are mental clarity, relaxation, focus, expelling anxiety, depression, and negative energies.

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If you want to create a healthy environment for your home or office, why not go for natural solutions such as aromatherapy instead of using chemical products that are detrimental to your health. Aromatic therapy or aromatherapy offers several health benefits. For instance, incense sticks are formed when dried leaves (from aromatic plants) are mixed with essential oils, gums, woods, and resins. When burned, this incense releases a fragrance that offers many physical and psychological benefits. They are widely used in aromatic therapies to as they remove bad odor and introduce good energy. More so, burning incense can be used for creating spiritual ambiance and meditational purposes.

No one wants his/her house to produce bad odor after hectic household chores. Wouldn’t it make sense if you introduce something that will generate more pleasant fragrance that is beneficial to your health?



  1. Flaming incense creates a soothing atmosphere that will help you to unwind after a stressful day at work. These aromas are highly effective because of the calming effect on your nerves.
  2. Aromatherapy incense sticks produces a pleasing scent that is believed to aid your mind and connect with an optimistic belief. By burning incense, you create an aromatic ambiance which makes your sense organs more receptive.
  3. It is a pure and natural product that can be used for preventing and treating chronic illness.
  4. The burning of incense can help to reduce negative energy and introduce good energy.
  5. Many believe that this aromatic therapy can create good vibes and also stimulate one’s spiritual abilities.


Having this knowledge at heart, you need to learn how to choose the fragrance that is appealing to you. We all have different preferences when it comes to aromatic taste so finding the right one for you should be the first thing to consider. There are many different recipes that can be combined and you should learn possible combinations if you are to get the best result. In this context, I will highlight four possible combinations, try it out and select your choice.

  1. The Vanilla Fragrance: This sort of fragrance is highly recommended for those who seek to enhance their spirit. It provides good energy and improves emotional stimulation.
  2. The Fruity Fragrance: This scent is recommended for those who are looking to enhance their mood.
  3. The Woody Fragrance: Woods such as Aloeswood and Sandalwood have meditative properties that can help one in need of deep meditation.
  4. The Citrus Fragrance: Orange, bergamot, and apple are used in making this type of incense – it is recommended for those who look to refresh their minds.

Burning incense can be the difference between a successful and an unproductive meditation. Why not try these meditative products other than suffering from chemical-made products? Creating an environment with the fragrances from burning incense will help calm your nerve and keep you refreshed.

I hope these tips were helpful. If you are looking for where to buy aromatherapy incense, visit Zen Spiritual

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