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Relaxing with an aromatic bath

For most of us, an aromatic bath is all about relieving stress, but it offers a lot more; it is in fact, one of the best ways to relax your mind and entire body. An aromatic bath is a tremendous way to relax the nerves and alleviate muscular pains and aches. This bath can be warming or cooling, relaxing or stimulating, depending on the bath herbs and oils used. For many years, aromatherapy bath has helped to relieve several ailments and improve the overall wellbeing.

Aromatherapy bath is an efficient way to promote a healthy life. It offers a lot of sedation or uplifting, enjoyment, relaxing, warm feeling and relief from a long and stressful day. And, when combined with essential oils, herbs, incense, and the healing and restoring powers of water you get the uplifting and relaxing property your body needs. To prepare an aromatic bath, simply run a warm or hot bath but too hot water isn’t recommended for a dry or sensitive skin.

For kids, an aromatic bath is a great way to help them relax after a long hard day at school. It also ensures they receive the required rest during the night. Selecting the aroma of essential oils (such as lavender and chamomile) that they like will certainly soothe an active child and will provide peace and quiet that they need.

Bath herbs and essential oils are used to prepare an aromatic bath. Your choice of oils really depends on the effect you desire.

  • Grapefruits helps to uplift the spirits
  • Chamomile is used to soothe the skin
  • 7 power bath herbs transform bad energies to positive and also help to open ways
  • Rosemary is effective for stimulating the body
  • Massage and bath oil is an essential oil for clear skin
  • Lavender is used to aid sleep or unwind
  • Sandalwood is perfect for relaxing. It can be also be used to help improve stress, tension, and anxiety
  • Pine or Spanish marjoram is used to ease muscular aches

Depending on your desired fragrance, you can use herbs or scented oils. However, the soothing aroma of many aromatic bath are often enhanced with the blend of bath herbs along with Spanish marjoram, geranium, lavender, and other essential oils to leave your skin feeling refreshed and relaxed.


  1. Do not prepare the bath in advance because you may lose much of the essential oil property.
  2. Though aromatic bath is very relaxing and enjoyable; yet it can be mostly enjoyed if you take a quick shower before having the aromatic bath. This quick shower will cleanse your body and make you ready for the relaxing bath.
  3. When preparing an aromatic bath, make sure you choose a fragrance that you will stick with and enjoy after repeated uses.
  4. You should only use the recommended drops of essential oil even if the amount looks insufficient.

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