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Room Sprays For A Good Aroma


Scent is a powerful thing. It triggers memories and feelings, both long past and recent. It can bring a sense of emotional well-being and peace to everyone in a room, and depending on the occasion and the scent used, it can promote a specific mood or stream of thoughts, be it festive, sensual, mysteriously divine, or any other scene you want to set with certain aromas. is full of Zen products, such as candles and incense, that promote the mood-lifting effects of aromatherapy. But perhaps you’re in a situation where you’re not allowed to use incense or candles, or you cannot handle the smoke from incense, or maybe you have overly rambunctious and curious pets and children, etc. So what can you use?

Try a Room Spray

While they do not necessarily pack the visual ‘punch’ of candles or incense, room sprays can be used just as effectively for aromatherapy purposes, and they are safer for all concerned.’s online shop has quite a number of room sprays available to try. Here are a few you might want to consider:


  • Patchouli. This scent is commonly thought of as earthy and sensual, so if you’re in a mood for expressing physical love with a partner, or you simply want to put yourself in a sensual mood before going on a date, this is the room spray to have.
  • Cinnamon and Orange. Perfect for those who have lots of Fire in their astrological chart, or for anyone who adores the cheery, warm combination of cinnamon and oranges. Spray into the room for a delightful boost to your mood, or even to celebrate the Solstices.
  • Nag Champa. Love ‘Nag Champa’ incense and the meditative mood it provides, but aren’t allowed to burn it? Grab our Nag Champa-scented room spray and elevate the spiritual mood in your room without the risk of fire, or irritating someone’s sensitive lungs.
  • Jasmine. Like patchouli, jasmine is famous for its sensual associations, so if you’re not especially a fan of patchouli for setting a sexy scene, try the jasmine room spray. It’s a strong scent, so just a couple of spritzes into the air should do nicely.
  • Lavender. A list of room sprays would not be complete without mentioning one of the most classic aromatherapy scents of all: lavender. It has a longtime association with evoking a sense of peace and calm to those breathing in the aroma. So if you and/or your loved ones have been experiencing unhappy times, or someone simply has generalised anxiety, or you simply love the gentle scent and the mental well-being it brings, a lavender room spray is the thing to have around, especially if you can’t get your hands on some actual lavender flowers.
  • Vanilla. Who doesn’t love the scent of vanilla wafting through a room? It is not only sweet and homey, but for many people, it’s also somewhat sensual. Perfect for use during any time of year, a vanilla-scented room spray is just the thing when you want, say, a vanilla-scented candle, but aren’t allowed to burn them for fire safety reasons. Pair with our sandalwood room spray—one spritz each—for a truly delightful, sensual mood.

These are just some of the amazing aromas you’ll find among our Zen products. We have many more to choose from at’s online shop, so feel free to browse at leisure to find just the scent you want to suit the mood you want to create.









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