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Exercising at home is one sure way of improving your health. Along with a healthy eating diet and nutrition, home exercises can help burn calories faster and increase your metabolism. An effective home exercise program should consist of both weightlifting and cardiovascular exercises. Ordinarily, your home exercises should include all muscle groups. We will discuss the benefits of exercising at home but first let us briefly explore six different home exercise tips that will ensure quality health for you.

Wall Sits

This simple home exercise is designed to strengthen your legs and behind. It is as easy as sitting correctly in a chair against the wall. When doing this, your knees have to be at a right angle (90o) while keeping your arms against the wall to increase efficiency.


Walking may sound funny but it is one of the most effective exercises one can perform either indoor or outdoor. This cardiovascular exercise can help you burn off excess fatting acids residing inside your body. For record sake, set a timer to know how many minutes you used. Begin with a reference point (e.g. your bedroom or sitting room) and walk down to other rooms to avoid boredom. Walking up and down the stairs can be very effective as well, try it!


Push-up is probably the commonest forms of home exercise. This program helps to improve your arms, backs, and chest. Newbie are advised to start small, say fifteen per day. With time, you gain muscle mass and increase your push daily.

Weight Lifting

When weight lifting is mentioned, a lot of individuals take their minds to the gym. No! Weightlifting can be done in your various homes. Regardless of the size of the weightlifting tool available, make the best of it by incorporating it into your daily exercise plan.


You are missing a whole lot if you have not taken a yoga class before. Yoga helps to improve flexibility and posture. It also helps to tone and strengthen your muscles, making it healthy at all time.

Other forms of home exercises include:

  • Biking/cycling (abs)
  • Ball crunch (abs)
  • Skipping rope (hamstrings, muscles)
  • Deadlifts (Glutes, back, hamstrings)
  • Squats (Glutes, quads, hamstrings)
  • Bench press (Chest)
  • Kickbacks (Triceps)

Why You Need to Exercise at Home

It’s free. All you have to do is invest once in home exercise equipment. You no longer need to pay for gym classes anymore.

In addition, exercising at home is very convenient and safe. You don’t need to border how you will get to the gym because you have successfully brought the gym home.

You can customize your space to suit your specific interest. Your exercise atmosphere can determine the effect of any exercise. Whether it is your living room, bedroom, basement or garden, you can personalize your exercise space to suit your taste. This can be done by fixing lights, setting a sound system for listening to your favorite playlist or even tweaking the layout of your exercise room.

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