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How the Moon Influences Your Life

Our moon is probably the most familiar sight in the night sky, and it’s sometimes visible in the daytime, too, depending on what position it’s in when the sun rises or sets. You likely know that it travels around the Earth in a cycle of approximately 28 days, and that it has a strong influence on our oceans, and to a lesser degree, our larger lakes.

But what you might not quite realise is that it has a strong pull on us humans, too, and just exactly how that influence works might surprise you.

Ways the Moon Influences Us

Science-minded folks might assume that the moon has some influence, but not enough to take seriously. However, spiritually-minded people know what Nikola Tesla himself knew: the universe operates in the realm of frequency and vibration. As humans, we emit our feelings through variations in frequency, and the moon exerts its own influence on those feelings, particularly the way we react to situations and people on an emotional level.

This is especially evident in the field of astrology. Whichever sign the moon is in at the moment of our birth, that will be the energy through which we express our emotions, desires, etc. For instance, the moon in cardinal signs can indicate people who tend to be people who are often the first to step up to the plate and take pertinent action based on how they feel about a situation.

Other people might have their moon in ‘fixed’ signs. This might mean that the people with these signs in connection with the moon will tend towards emotionally ‘fixed’ attitudes, for good or ill. When the moon is in the ‘mutable’ signs, you can expect a good deal of changeability, fluidity in thinking, expressing emotions in a big way, and switching back and forth, emotionally whilst expressing points of view.

And that’s just the natal positions of the moon in our chart.

Moon Phases 

The phases of the moon, let alone the moon’s astrological position, also affect us, especially if we are particularly sensitive to the moon’s energy, and we’re attuned to each phase. We can feel the waxing effect of the moon when it heads towards its full phase, and the full moon phase will either drain a sensitive person, or it will energise, depending on the individual.

When the moon goes into its waning phase, sensitive people will feel that, too, and want to go as fully within as possible once the moon hits its ‘dark’ or new moon phase. This sensitivity can rule just how creative or productive these people are, because they can’t imagine trying to go against these rhythms or energies. If they do go against these sensitivities or inclinations, they will truly feel off-kilter.

‘What about people who are not that overly sensitive?’ you might be wondering. They might feel the moon’s effects to some degree, but the effect won’t be as powerful or obvious to them. They might just describe it as having an ‘on’ or ‘off’ day.

Because of the way the moon affects us, sending out energy and vibrations of its own with the moon phases, as well as affecting us astrologically, we can learn to work with it, instead of working against it, via divination and magical ritual.

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