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Himalayan Salt For Cooking and Decoration 

If you aren’t yet aware of the trend, Himalayan salt has become one of the most popular sources of nutrition and healing in recent years. But this trend is occurring for good reason.

You might have seen this mineral in either house décor items or in your kitchen as an extra-healthy way to get salt in your diet without it becoming problematic for your body.

If you’re curious about what Himalayan salt can do for you and your home, read on.

For Cooking 

There are a lot of processed foods out there containing the type and amount of sodium that can do our cardiovascular and circulatory systems a decent amount of damage if we aren’t careful. If your aim is to cook more at home, but still receive a healthy level of salt in your diet, try Himalayan salts.

They work a bit differently than the usual table salt (sodium iodide), as they not only help reverse a lot of ailments such as poor circulation, high blood pressure and respiratory illnesses, but you won’t need as much because it is so flavourful.

While the sodium iodide is helpful for those who need the iodine for thyroid function, but don’t like—or choose not to eat—seafoods that are rich in this trace mineral, too much of the sodium iodide is not very healthy, especially if you do not balance it with plenty of potassium and water consumption.

So how do you substitute in the Himalayan salts for the table salt?

You can use it in rock salt form, usually sold in various containers, including pre-filled salt grinders. Or you can try a cooking slab made of Himalayan rock salt. The slab is truly helpful as you can not only season food with it, but serve food right on it as well.

The tight crystal lattice of a rock salt slab like this holds its temperature for long periods of time, allowing you to either heat or cool the slab slowly, making it excellent for keeping hot foods hot, and cold foods cold. You can also cure foods, such as salmon or beef, for example, right on the slab, and those foods will come out truly flavourful and delicious.

For your convenience, you can find the Himalayan salt slab as well as glass jars of salt at the store.

For Decoration

This is one of the most popular ways to incorporate Himalayan salt into your lifestyle. The energy-healing and air purification benefits alone will make your house feel truly like a place you truly want to come home to. You can purchase décor items in the following handy styles:

  • A Himalayan salt lamp is one of the definitive ways to bring this mineral’s positive effects into whichever room needs it most. Most salt lamps are pink, but there are some that are white in colour, and have multi-coloured LED’s that brighten up the room with many different hues. The multi-coloured LED lamps, therefore, make a great choice for a summer party, whether indoors or out. If you find the more traditional ‘rock’ formations a bit uninspired, how about some animal or pyramid shapes? These and other Zen products can be found at the store.
  • Candle Holders. Prefer a dimmer sort of ambient light, perhaps for ritual or ceremony time? How about a Himalayan salt candle holder? Not only will it contain your votives or tea lights quite handily, but the combination of the golden flame and pink colour of the salt will create a calm, peaceful mood. Plus you’ll still receive the benefits of air purification. You can choose from the traditional ‘rock salt’ look, a sphere or a heart shape for any time you want your ritual centred around unconditional love.

If you’ve been curious about Himalayan salt products for either cooking or decoration, or even incorporating it into a purification ritual, there is no time like now to try this healing gift from Mother Nature. Your mind, heart and body will love you for it.

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