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How To Balance the Energy Of Your Place With Proper Decorations

 According to both Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla, as well as just about any spiritual practitioner you might meet, everything is energy. Those who are particularly sensitive to subtle energies will pick up on what is not felt by most people.

On the other hand, many people who don’t claim such sensitivities can name off times when they have just been in a home where there has been some sort of argument or other intense altercation, and they’ll say they could ‘cut the tension with a knife.’

Here are some tips to help you balance your home’s energy with Zen decorations that will promote good vibes and a more comfortable, relaxed space:

1) Colours. While you might have grown up with the notion that things must match in a space, colour-wise, this is a misconception. Personal taste is important, especially concerning the way certain colours make you feel.

If you are renting a flat and cannot paint or choose wallpaper, and everything is in pale neutral tones such as beige, white, sand, etc, don’t think you have to stick with that palette. Brighten your space with some colourful accessories such as sofa pillows, floor rugs or candles, and don’t forget the healing power of stones and crystals.

Just placing some coloured tumbled pieces such as amethyst, turquoise, fluorite, etc in dishes here and there can add a gentle, enlivening touch to an otherwise dull space. Add a Himalayan salt lamp with its pinkish tone, or put a candle in a holder made of Himalayan salt, and observe just how much more rested and cleansed you’ll feel.

2) Sound. Have you ever picked up a bell and rang it, and felt instantly cheered by its sound, no matter the pitch or tone? That is the power of sound on your psyche, and healing sounds can do wonders for your home space.

This is especially true if you live near a busy street or by an airport. Depending on the way these sounds affect you, you may experience certain levels of restlessness and irritability. Then again, you might find such ambient city noises comforting. It’s all about how you feel on an individual level.

This said, it’s always a good idea to have items like nature CDs around for creating a meditative atmosphere. If space is at a premium in a tiny flat, or you’re in a single room within a house-share environment, you can always play YouTube videos of calming, relaxing music on a laptop, tablet, phone or gaming console.

Add to all this either a wooden wind chime to hang out on a balcony, or a tabletop fountain with river stones, if you wish to add the element of water. You’ll have soothing sounds from both the chimes and the water, plus the cleansing negative ions produced by the constant running trickle of water over the stones.

3) Scent. One of the most popular ways to balance the energy of your home space is to rely on the power of scent. You can do this in many ways:

  • Be mindful of how long it burns, especially since it can be a fire hazard, as well as a source of complaints from your roommates.
  • Aromatherapy—either sprays, essential oil diffusers or scented candles
  • Smudging with sage and/or sweetgrass. Some people in your household may be sensitive to the smoke these products give off, and the smell of sage is something of an ‘acquired’ preference, so you might want to stick with essential oils

There are so many other ways to balance energy with Zen products in your home, it is difficult to list them all. It’s often up to you, the individual, as well as your living arrangements.

Don’t be afraid to get creative if you have to work around a particularly strict lease, or if you’re in a house-share environment where your room is the only place you can truly make your own. The point is to make sure the energy of your space is clear, balanced and comfortable.



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