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Spiritual Tips To Prepare Your Spirit For the New Year

2017 is drawing to a close, and it’s likely you’ve got quite a few goals in mind to look after yourself physically and in other ways. You might have even requested workout gear, for instance, to back up your decisions to get healthier and fit.

But while you can make all the physical plans in the world, those plans are going to be boosted quite a bit if you add a spiritual dimension to your life. For instance, what may otherwise end up as an unused treadmill or on-the-wrist fitness device could be a treadmill or wrist device that does get used if you back up your plans with stronger intentions that stretch into the aetheric realms.

Here are some tips to prepare your spirit for these, or any other changes, you wish to make in the new year.

  • Refresh With Herbs

Herbal baths are a great way to cleanse your spirit of the old energies built up over the course of the last year, and to allow new, fresh energy to permeate your aura. You can either use herbs in sachet bags that hang over your bathtub faucet, or you can use herbal mixtures from’s ‘Herbs’ section, where you can find liquid bath mixtures that can help you bring in money, love or simply discharge old energies.

  • Help From Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is one of the most popular ways to help cleanse your spirit and emotions of what’s not needed, in order to bring in more of what you desire. For instance, if you wish to cleanse your mind of anxiety, you can use lavender essential oil to do just that, as lavender’s calming, soothing floral scent can bring a state of tranquility like very few essential oils can.

Lemon is another good choice, as it brings mental clarity and lifts your mood, almost like sunshine in a small bottle.

  • Zen Mind, Zen Soul

Another helpful tip for giving yourself a healthy mind is meditation. Even if you only meditate for five minutes a day (ten, if you’re truly feeling ambitious at first), that will get you on the path to feeling calmer and more collected, instead of continually feeling at loose ends and frantic. Pair meditation with aromatherapy, and you’ll have a ‘double-whammy’ of good energy for the upcoming year, to say nothing of saying goodbye to 2016 with more grace than you likely imagined.

Live Life In the Affirmative

It’s no secret that life can bring you all sorts of trials that you might not be sure how to get through. Learning to face those trials with positive attitudes and continual self-affirmations that you can get past your obstacles, even if the solutions may not seem apparent at first, is a great start for ditching any negative attitudes you might have held previously.

Some might say this kind of optimism is ‘not facing reality,’ but the truth is, the more optimistic you are, and the greater the positive attitude you have in the face of an unhappy situation, the more likely you are to see your way to solutions. Like energy attracts like energy, after all.

Of course, you can always repeat each of these practises as much as you like to keep up your positive energy. This isn’t to say you should never feel sad or angry. These practises are simply to help you clear your mind, heart and soul of this last year’s issues, and to help you look forward.

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